The Node.js Open Source Schism - Introducing Io.JS

Node.js splits into two

Node.js, an open source, cross-platform evented I/O runtime environment for JavaScript, has been a popular coding tool for individuals and enterprise products. Founded by Ryan Dahl, and secondly contributed by Isaac Schlueter - the project has a total of 549 contributors till date.

As of recently, there has been an active fork of Node.js that promises to speed up development in the fork-name of Io.js.

Reasons and Symptoms

"We don’t want to have just one person who’s appointed by a company making decisions, we want contributors to have more control, to seek consensus.” says Mikeal Rogers, a Node community organizer involved in the fork.

Node.js has been at 0.10.x since early 2013 while Node 0.12 and 1.0 releases were being talked about well over a year ago by former BDFL Isaac Schlueter (now at npm).

One of the many symptoms of that slow development process is that Node.js is basically running an unsupported version of V8 ( It seems that the patches from upstream of V8 are not cleanly applicable within the development process.

Why Io.js

Io.js represents a technical exploration by key developers in the Node core community with the intent to accelerate the release of recent technical innovations, many of which were developed by StrongLoop developers.


There's an active issue to submit logo design submissions to the Io.js community, steer here if you'd like to have a look or pitch in!

Proposed logo designs and how you can pitch in