Riten Vagadiya Ideas of Life

Coexisting with Species

A dream of coexistence beyond human boundaries

Have we ever wondered about the life of that Cat we see near the trash each night, hoping to satisfy hunger? Or that Dog we saw the other day?

Humans. An all-important word. We’re considered the most intelligent species on this planet. We’re the self-proclaimed, dominant inhabitants of planet Earth, and we’re apparently it’s rightful conquerors.

There was life before us. Species coexisted in nature’s rightful balance prior to our arrival. We conquered the planet, marked dormant territories as ours — have we ever considered if it was ours to own? Do we have the righteousness to self-advocate our rights, based merely upon our intellectual capabilities?

What’s done is done, and we’re a long way down the lane — we’ve challenged the balance of nature in many ways, and many of us do understand the importance of restoring it.

We’re growing in numbers, training our children and educating them to what we’ve learnt thus far, and providing them with insight into life and the planet. In essence, we’re teaching our children to coexist with the rest of us. Schools, colleges, universities, training centres and such educational institutions prepare and equip the new-comers to the planet with endurance and knowledge. We’ve established an Education industry of a whopping 7 trillion dollars. That is 570 times the size of the online advertising market. It is equal to 7 times the global mobile industry. It is more than the GDP of Italy, France, and the UK combined.

We have assumed a responsibility to train our heirs about what we’ve learnt, we want to pass on our efforts and learnings to promote a continued evolution process, because we’re generous. But are we? What about the species that were here before us? What about those species that coexist in our beautiful world all around us? Can we be complacent to the fact that they are not our responsibility? Are we really that selfish? We’re fighting a global negative notion of cast, color and race, we’re fighting to unite humans as one, to eliminate the subtypes that we’ve created based on geographical, visual and historical factors, but wouldn’t it be nice to also extend this battle to unite us all in an even higher level — the species level?

Being a dreamer, and being a part of the Humans clan, I dream of a world where we train coexistence on a larger scale. A world where we have charitable schools for stray animals where they learn and educate themselves and get back to being stray. They learn to coexist with us, and to help themselves. They learn to feed from the “general food waste bin” built by those charitable organisations. They learn the dangers of roads, vehicles and other hazards. They get vaccinated for discovered diseases and left back onto their pick-up points. They get nutrition for deficiencies, appropriate medicaments, bacterial clean ups, viral antidotes and everything that we can intellectually provide. These charitable organisations would be run by a host of animal medicine researchers, animal trainers and lovers.

They say various animals (e.g. Dogs) understand social structure and obligations and are capable of learning analysed behaviour around other members of the pack. Some pets are capable of bringing medical help to emergency situations. It is not an overkill to think that if they knew better, there’s a chance that stray dogs would be able to bring their stray counterparts for needed medical attention, maybe?