Riten Vagadiya Ideas of Life

One Kind Of Life

There are many kinds of lives lived by many kinds of people. Here is one kind of life.

Being Ambidextrous

Using the less dominant hand for doing things might just be the best way to get out of comfort zone. Brushing one’s teeth with the non-dominant hand should provide the right amount of discomfort, first thing in the morning.

Writing Often

Writing is a way of giving form to thoughts and ideas. Writing often can mean writing ideas, thoughts or fiction. What is important is the process of converting matter from one form inside the head, to another form in terms of language. This can provide a certain level of elation and pride, because by writing, one creates an original product.

Finding Differences

All things come in different shapes and sizes. This is also true for the minds and hearts that we come across, everyday. Finding extremely different people and delving into their differences can help in opening up a new world of perspectives and ideas, and validate our own thoughts.

Getting Along

People usually form groups and friendships with those whom they can get along well. The other people, whom they find harder to get along with, are usually a rich island of knowledge, ideas and perspectives that can help one transform. Learning to get along with people whom one does not agree with, can be the hardest and quickest way to widened perspectives.

Decluttering Habits

We already have many habits, some of which we decided for ourselves, while others came to us because of the world around us. It is important to identify these habits and list them down, and then reflect on each of them to see which are the ones we want to keep or discard. Even when decluttering is done, new byproduct habits may form over time, as life happens. Doing this exercise on a weekly or monthly basis can help us shape life more consciously.

Watching the Natural

People grow rapidly with time. We learn perspectives of the world, norms and laws, knowledge and calculations, wisdom and risks, and much more as we keep living. A lot of these learnings modify us in good and bad ways, making us lose track of what was there when we started off — the default us. Watching those who are more default than us can feel liberating. This can be done by observing babies & kids closely, or watching birds and animals in the nature.

This is just one creed of living happily, just one kind of life.