Riten Vagadiya Ideas of Life

Life in a Vacuum

You’ll not know when you transition to a life that’s not yours to live, one that’s devoid of matter.

To most of us, each day starts with the feeling of doing greater things. Being greater beings. Spreading our wings.

We want to break the limits that we can achieve, we want to make differences to how people live, choose, act and react, and we want to contribute to what’s called as making a difference.

What stops us then?

The race is about being the next him. We all want to be the next Steve Jobs. Or the next Warren Buffet. We want to be someone that we idolise and look upon, or someone who is profoundly influential in the domain we belong to.

What I choose to be is something that depends entirely on what I choose to follow. Or say. And believe.

When I began as a software developer few years ago, it was easy to be who I was, because it always is the case with an underdog. As time passed and I started working my ways upward, I’ve realised I could no more say what I wanted to. I wouldn’t say what I then should have. Gone was the time when I would just write to content. I started to realise what had happened — the realisation was ghastly.


It comes to you, even if it never was you. You start binding yourself in traditional and long-followed, so-called wisdom. You cage your thoughts in the practicalities that are predefined. You belong elsewhere, but you try to fit in and adapt. You try hard, even if it’s not who you really are. It is then that you want to be someone else. Someone you idolise. You stop to look up to your own self. Your belief in yourself is shrinking right in front of you, and you’re okay with it. You’re okay with it because the norm is to follow the established, and to be bound.

The world seems like a plot. It has characters, it has drama, and it has those scripts that often get a successful applaud. The world doesn’t feel real anymore, it is materialistic and it is not what you wanted it to be. You dreamt of one thing, and you’re getting another. Your life is devoid of matter, you’re living in a vacuum.


It is worthwhile only if you stop now. It is worthwhile if you stand up and do what you want to do, say what you feel and convey what you believe in, follow aspirations unconditionally, and question what you do not want to follow, and you agree to disagree and let disagree.

It is then, worthwhile.