Riten Vagadiya Ideas of Life

Advocating Lack of Experience

Notice the diminishing permanence

We are always reminded to learn from our mistakes. We are reminded to note down experiences from previous projects to not face the same ones again. Have you ever wondered how the increase of experience is diminishing the size of your dreams? Experience connects us to reality, it makes us practical — experience creates boundaries and constraints and creates a “box” around us.

As little boys and girls, our dreams are limitless and stars are within reach. We believe in ourself to be everything we can imagine. We see a future that we want to see. We know that we can be anything and anyone, and that we’re the best individuals the world might witness, and that we’ll change the way the universe works. As we grow, carrying the baggage of prejudices, lessons, teachings, taunts, criticisms, interactions and biases, our dreams start diminishing.

It is true that experience brings wisdom, but it’s more about a balance between carrying what you learned in the past, and the ability to look at what is about to come as a blank sketching canvas.

Innovation and creativity are nurtured with broad perceptions and undirected and innocent thinking.

Tomorrow will not look like today. What we learned today, is not essentially a fundamental base for how to behave tomorrow. Because everything is temporary. Everything is prone to change.

Permanence diminishes with the diameter of the situation, nature of the operands, and the quantity of factors involved.

If you look at the situations you went through in the past, and if you recall what your thoughts were at those moments, you will realise that it was all temporary. If you look at 5 years from now, what you’re going through right now is probably not going to matter. As a dear friend of mine puts it:

Things change, people change, circumstances change.

Change is the essence. Like how a new relationship does not start with the baggage and bullshit from the last one because there are different people involved who are different in nature. Like how a new design project does not start with design experience from the previous one because there are different needs, branding, requirements and tastes.

Everything will change as you go along. There will be times when you may feel lost, hurt, despised, out of options. You may feel you are unable to make a difference. You may feel time is slipping by. You may feel that you’re not performing the way you should. Everything is Temporary. All circumstances will change and if you don’t do your next thing with a bias from the learned baggages, you might have your eureka moment.