Riten Vagadiya Ideas of Life


Time and Again is an app for recording memories. Simply create the things you want to track, and when you do those things, just touch one button to remember forever. Keep track of when something was done last, and how many times you ever did it.

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FlixFelix is a catalogued, hand-picked collection of videos on larger-than-life theories, learnings and precious researches.

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My Social Profile is an open-sourced, base social network UI app built on Material Design, on top of AngularJS.

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Angular Material Seed is an open-sourced, base application for building any kind of Material Design applications on top of AngularJS.

AngularJS Material Design Protractor Karma TDD

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AtWork is an open-sourced social network for workplaces.

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Retro Deskto UI is a beautiful, fully-functional mimick of a Windows Desktop interface, inside the browser. With an API.

Vanilla JS jQuery HTML/CSS

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Delicious Desk is an open-source, delicious-looking desktop interface, in the browser.

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Real-time Dashboard is a dashboard built on AngularJS and WebSockets to demonstrate progress of CI builds.

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NPM Modules developed as side-projects, just for fun. Published on NPM as well.

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