I am Riten Vagadiya, a Dubai resident & software developer with special feelings for JavaScript.

I have a knack to question the basics of human understanding, and the way we life our lives. I am not fond of how we have established ourselves as primary beings. I believe there are ways better than the set foundation of how to live.

In life, I like to code. I've built logic-driven games, hacked pals' devices, taken up freelance projects on PHP and related frameworks and pursued my journey through programming with passion to end up in a paradise of JavaScript, where I found my abode.

I love NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB and the Express framework. I work hard to enable myself to someday, technologically, make a difference.

  • I seldom build hobby open-source projects at @matterial.
  • Currently, I am working on an open-source social network for workplaces called AtWork.

In 2015, I have joined the folks at Souqalmal.com.