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Coexisting with Species PINNED

A dream of coexistence beyond human boundaries.

Have we ever wondered about the life of that Cat we see near the trash each night, hoping to satisfy hunger? Or that Dog we saw the other day?

Getting Started with ES 6

A peek into ES6

ES6 is the latest specification that provides new syntax and also new objects and functionality to existing objects. While the ES6 specification is not yet finished, it brings with it...

The Node.js Open Source Schism - Introducing Io.JS

Node.js splits into two

Node.js, an open source, cross-platform evented I/O runtime environment for JavaScript, has been a popular coding tool for individuals and enterprise products. As of recently, there has been an active...

Switch to Sublime

The Editor You Will Fall In Love With

Sublime Text is a cross platform editor that is built close to the metal (C++) with a minimalist UI, fast performance and great memory management that supports marvellous features via...

Matrix-inspired Terminal Cover for OSX

A Continous-Output Terminal

Advocating Lack of Experience

Notice the diminishing permanence.

We are always reminded to learn from our mistakes. We are reminded to note down experiences from previous projects to not face the same ones again. Have you ever wondered...

Time-Shifting Apps Can Improve Lives

What if you could live in the moment while your apps worked in the background for you?

With the advent of thousands of applications invading our lives, and in the process, striving to provide utility to our daily actions - somehow, somewhere we’re missing the point.

Monkey Developers of Micro Management

Micro management is hazardous for software development

Software development is a creative and experimental process. It is an organic process of trial and error, false starts, monumental cock-ups and architectural mods.

Life in a Vacuum

You’ll not know when you transition to a life that’s not yours to live, one that’s devoid of matter.

To most of us, each day starts with the feeling of doing greater things. Being greater beings. Spreading our wings. We want to break the limits that we can achieve,...