My Social Profile is an open-sourced, base social network UI app built on Material Design, on top of AngularJS.

AngularJS Material Design Jasmine Karma TDD

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Angular Material Seed is an open-sourced, base application for building any kind of Material Design applications on top of AngularJS.

AngularJS Material Design Protractor Karma TDD

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FlixFelix is a catalogued, hand-picked collection of videos on larger-than-life theories, learnings and precious researches.

AngularJS NodeJS MongoDB Nginx Elasticsearch Redis Youtube API

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AtWork is an open-sourced social network for workplaces.

AngularJS NodeJS MongoDB Web Sockets Material Design

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Retro Deskto UI is a beautiful, fully-functional mimick of a Windows Desktop interface, inside the browser. With an API.

Vanilla JS jQuery HTML/CSS

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Delicious Desk is an open-source, delicious-looking desktop interface, in the browser.

AngularJS NodeJS MongoDB Material Design

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Real-time Dashboard is a dashboard built on AngularJS and WebSockets to demonstrate progress of CI builds.

AngularJS NodeJS Nginx Web Sockets


NPM Modules developed as side-projects, just for fun. Published on NPM as well.

Node Mocha Chai TDD