Riten Vagadiya Software Engineer

DiDuDaDo for iOS and Android

What is DiDuDaDo?

DiDuDaDo is a hyper-casual, tilt-based game where you are expected to react to sound. The game maps the words Out, In, Right, Left to the sounds Di, Du, Da, Do respectively.

When you play the game, the game will speak those four remapped sounds one by one, in a random order. Jerk-tilt your device in the correct direction and build a high score!

Jerk-tilt your device to glory!

How to Play?

The game will speak the 4 sounds to you in a random order: Di, Du, Da, Do. Based on which sound you hear, you have to jerk-tilt your device in the respective direction.

  • Di: Jerk-tilt the device out and away from you
  • Du: Jerk-tilt the device in and towards you
  • Da: Jerk-tilt the device to the right side
  • Do: Jerk-tilt the device to the left side

What is the Goal?

DiDuDaDo is a hyper-casual game where the goal is to make a high-score. There is no limit in terms of what score you can make. Beware though, the game speeds up progressively as you keep racking up points to maintain the challenge!

Can I challenge friends?

DiDuDaDo has a leaderboard that shows the top scores. You can invite and compete with your friends to see who has better reflexes!

Sounds hard! How to get better?

DiDuDaDo can be very confusing for some, while for some others it comes naturally. To get better at the game, there is an in-built PRACTICE mode that helps you learn the mappings and tilt correctly. There are no punishments for wrong-tilts, and you can practice as much as you like, before you challenge the top players!

Why DiDuDaDo?

DiDuDaDo is the result of a hobby side-project. The idea is the result of me brainstorming with my 7-year-old daughter about what kind of games would be funny to play!

Nerd facts

It was built for iOS and Android, using Flutter, which is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

The backend is powered by Nodejs APIs and firebase.